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    Having stunning hair every single day is something all girls dream of. But it’s a really hard task to achieve due to the busy everyday routine. There a lot of super-easy hair hacks and tricks that won’t take more than 2 minutes. Moreover, out tips will help to change the way you look and you gonna totally like it!
    If you want bangs but you are not ready to cut your hair and simply afraid of risk to looking really bad, try fake bangs! We are here with the idea of charming and easy bun hairstyle. Using this cool hair trick, you will achieve absolutely natural looking fake bangs with your own hair.
    Here is the tutorial:
    1. Make a high ponytail
    2. Take a small part of hair from the front of the ponytail and bring it forward to create fake bangs
    3. Fix the bangs into place at the length that you want
    4. Form a bun and secure it with bobby pins
    5. Use a straightener to curl the bangs
    Did you know that you can use lash curler for bangs? Watch our video!
    There a lot of creative ways to make a ponytail, watch our video to find a perfect ponytail tutorial.
    In this video, you can find a whole variety of incredible hairstyles for girls that are good for everyday wear and together with that, they are easy to be made. Every little princess will find the hairstyle that suits her taste! These incredibly cool hairstyles are fine for any age, by the way. You will find our top picks of the cutest and easiest braids for kids that you can try out on your little princess!
    Learn how to make DIY hair accessories - awesome bright hairbands and sweet scrunchies. You can use them yourself or give to someone as a present.
    As a bonus, you will find out how to curl your hair using a straightener, pencils, and bobby pins, how to reuse an old sock and a lot more!
    Don't miss out on anything ladies!
    01:50 Fake Bangs
    03:33 Hairstyles for a little princess
    06:44 Pencil hairstyle
    07:58 Romantic bun
    11:33 Halloween hairstyle
    13:00 Braided hairstyle
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    Hey girls, what's your favorite hair mask recipe? 👩
    How to make a natural anti-dandruff mask 5:20

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