• Жарияланды 2019 ж. 21 Сәу.
  • From stock to supercar in 24 hours! We grab a 2nd hand VW Golf R and a bunch of mods and set out to create a hyper hatch capable of supercar performance.
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    Thank you to REVO for supplying parts for this build
    And big thanks to the team at Hills EuroHaus for letting us use their space, expertise and tools!
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    Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.
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    • volksbugly
      volksbugly 2 ай бұрын

      zomg LMAO :P

    • Vítor Garbo Bergamin
      Vítor Garbo Bergamin 3 ай бұрын

      @Darius Harter Misophonia - Oscar Mulero

    • chess for giants
      chess for giants 4 ай бұрын

      Crafty business jargon for there's a bunch of random shirts that nobody buys how are we going to move this inventory? Name it mystery merch it'll be like a surprise.

    • Regal cat Network
      Regal cat Network 4 ай бұрын

      What was The name of that beat at 2:13?

    • Dan Krause
      Dan Krause 4 ай бұрын

      Can’t believe anyone would spend like 4 k for brakes on a 500 crank hp car

  • Dakota S
    Dakota S 3 күн бұрын

    You know let’s appreciate the Ride the Lightning shirt. Unlike all the hiphop kids wearing old metal band shirts to look cool right now, I suspect he’s an actual Fan :)

  • Niall Kiely
    Niall Kiely 3 күн бұрын +1

    It's an automatic ffs

  • Password
    Password 5 күн бұрын

    "vag... insertion tool"

  • polishjerk
    polishjerk 6 күн бұрын +1

    Great video, but I hate the fact that I have to adjust the volume every 2 minutes...

  • Fred Nel
    Fred Nel 7 күн бұрын

    5:24 lol

  • james billings
    james billings 7 күн бұрын

    how have i only just discovered this channel

  • Topper Harlee
    Topper Harlee 7 күн бұрын performance struts/shocks? WTF....

  • Xavier Garneau
    Xavier Garneau 9 күн бұрын +1

    Ill take the factory is38 if you guys still have it

  • Ben Ward
    Ben Ward 10 күн бұрын

    In all seriousness, I'd like to own a Golf R someday. There's just something about them: they're magic. Maybe I'm biased, as my dad has a 2014 MK7 GTI (which, incidentally, I can drive next year on insurance).

  • Joshua Madlanga
    Joshua Madlanga 11 күн бұрын +2

    Sergio Ramos speaking English and modifying cars

  • Sam Vin
    Sam Vin 12 күн бұрын

    I just wanted to say thank you guys for the videos you guys produce! Since I watched your video on the first GTI in 2009 I have always wanted a GTI. Then I saw this video and then I knew I had to get a Golf R or Golf GTI and I did I started my rebuild on an MK6 GTI Wolfsburg edition. Thanks for all the year of inspiration.

  • Lil Ani
    Lil Ani 13 күн бұрын

    7:58 😬😬

  • soneq667
    soneq667 14 күн бұрын

    12:41 It is "Gute Reise" :)

    3L3CTRICNINJA 15 күн бұрын

    I remember walking past you guys modify that golf when I was only 12 years old and thinking, I can't wait until I have the money to do that. Now i'm watching you modify this golf and I'm thinking, dam I can't wait until I have the money to do that.

  • niklas johansson
    niklas johansson 15 күн бұрын

    vag insertion tool😂😂

  • dxdjoshua
    dxdjoshua 19 күн бұрын

    Probably re pinned to get rid of fake engine noise

  • OneEyedSyclipse
    OneEyedSyclipse 21 күн бұрын

    Song at 24:40? Sounds lovely.

  • ZionbeatZ G
    ZionbeatZ G 22 күн бұрын

    Those brake rotors are bigger than my steering wheel.

  • hlynurraf
    hlynurraf 24 күн бұрын

    Glad that I have grown from a boy to a man with you guys.

  • bovfbovf
    bovfbovf 25 күн бұрын

    >not replacing the blinker fluid

  • JustSomeone
    JustSomeone 26 күн бұрын

    this is porn

  • Callum Gallagher
    Callum Gallagher 27 күн бұрын

    How much would that of cost

  • Fuze -
    Fuze - Ай бұрын

    Didnt know keanu reeves had a british cousin

  • Marin K
    Marin K Ай бұрын

    You talk way too much about unnecessary stuff...the fuck

  • Ziggy Freud
    Ziggy Freud Ай бұрын +2

    Hey guys this is a great vid. Well put together. Entertaining and informative. Fantastic sausage haus burger :)

  • blake simonson
    blake simonson Ай бұрын

    Why the fake handshake

  • Mathieu Morin
    Mathieu Morin Ай бұрын +1

    Could have bought an used RS7 with the end cost of everything xd well 100 sure if it was a new Golf R, but even used they are still expensive! + that kits

  • Bradley Prater
    Bradley Prater Ай бұрын +2

    What a choice of music and car parts.

  • NZ Ehecatl
    NZ Ehecatl Ай бұрын

    would lov to see ya pick up a v7 with toasted engine and transplant one of the vr6 family, turb it and see which chops which

  • LeftLanersVlog
    LeftLanersVlog Ай бұрын

    These are mates you should keep in touch with. I’d kill to be able to use a shop like that for my car stuff

  • cloud chaser
    cloud chaser Ай бұрын

    Ive got a good idea for a badass Gti. Take the 5 cylinder engine and dule clutch gearbox from the Audi ttrs tune it maby upgrade the turbos down pipe and suspension upgrade and there you go . You would have a 500+ hp golf that would shift faster than you can blink and it would be 4wd .

    • fps louis
      fps louis Ай бұрын

      Dct sadly self deletes its self at 560

  • Rex Holes
    Rex Holes Ай бұрын

    Guys who work with gloves are pussies they will never pass on their genes VW or normal cars

  • noob_gaming 66
    noob_gaming 66 Ай бұрын

    Are you south african?

  • Saulius
    Saulius Ай бұрын

    golf 7 really. Guys you need to make videos like 9 years before. nobody cares about a freking golf 7

  • Xenyan
    Xenyan Ай бұрын

    Awesome video! Need the audio playlist, i frackin love the songs you guys chose for your edits.

  • Greg James
    Greg James Ай бұрын

    5.26 sorry but wtf was that handshake? Had me cringing all over man

  • Marcus R
    Marcus R Ай бұрын +1

    Holy.. this break kit is awesome... Floating discs with monoblock neat looking callipers.. nice.

  • Ping G
    Ping G Ай бұрын

    7:57 ummm that was awkward

  • Riley Shaw
    Riley Shaw Ай бұрын

    When u realise that u live 5 minutes from the shop

    • Ki mo
      Ki mo Ай бұрын

      ahah same wtf

    • Dineth Altmann
      Dineth Altmann Ай бұрын +1

      You know what you have to do now

  • plague doctor
    plague doctor Ай бұрын

    damn i wish or i dream of own a car like this all this work damn the feeling it most be to start up the engine wow big fan of wv golf i have some golf 2 but never a new car like this nice work

  • robert young
    robert young Ай бұрын

    hi guys what was the cost implications? of the project

  • Isaac 123
    Isaac 123 Ай бұрын

    Can you please me how much you spent on these mods

  • Paddy Crow
    Paddy Crow Ай бұрын

    This is a better version of Top Gear

  • Rich Masson
    Rich Masson Ай бұрын

    It’s a vegan?

  • Y. Shaked
    Y. Shaked Ай бұрын +3

    5:45 Great guys, now EVERYONE knows about the secret golf handshake. smh....


  • Y. Shaked
    Y. Shaked Ай бұрын

    5:10 - Notice the wide open door on the left....

  • Theis Jørgensen
    Theis Jørgensen Ай бұрын

    What is the name of the song at 24:10 ? I can't find it anywhere! :(

  • Dustin Denemark
    Dustin Denemark Ай бұрын

    Love you guys been watching you for years glad to see another great video

  • Gavin McInnes
    Gavin McInnes Ай бұрын

    How much $ is the kit you put on in this epp?

  • Cole Nash
    Cole Nash Ай бұрын


  • Del CoD 12
    Del CoD 12 Ай бұрын

    whos talkhing in backround

  • john baesv
    john baesv Ай бұрын

    Dislike from Europe !

  • Sven König
    Sven König Ай бұрын

    Time index 14:10:бейне.html
    "Upgrade the turbo jar jar" :'DD
    Like Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars :DDDDD

  • Jarryd Manuel
    Jarryd Manuel Ай бұрын

    The handshake xD

  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966 Ай бұрын +5

    Back then I thought the manuals were still faster unless you used launch control in the gti and r.
    Now they are 7 speed and much later generation while the manual has not changed in like 20 years

  • warpigroadkill
    warpigroadkill Ай бұрын

    Longtime MCM fan, pretty much from day one! I've just traded in my MK5 GTi for a MK7 Golf R with DSG and it's amazing. I went to inspect the car and the first thing I did was check that it was damage free, then I checked the cabin, popped the hood and then that was it, I AM BUYING THIS VERY CAR. I'm in the UK and when I noticed Japanese on the labels that was it, SOLD! So now I have a Jap import turbo with German reliablity. 🙌🏻

  • Tyler Pelletier
    Tyler Pelletier Ай бұрын +2


  • Wesley Andallo
    Wesley Andallo Ай бұрын

    I liked this so much, I’m watching it again 👌🏻

  • WinterCraft
    WinterCraft Ай бұрын +1

    I love this, imagine pulling up to a red light in the golf, and a guy in a Holden Commodore pulls up next to you, reving his engine, lights turn green and the guy in the holden is gobsmacked how fast the golf takes off. haha